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Tile Floor Cleaning and Grout CleaningTile Floor Cleaning

Why waste more time and effort cleaning your tile and grout surfaces the old fashion way? White Glove Cleaning – Janitorial offers tile floor cleaning and grout cleaning that is fast, effective and affordable.  Our solutions work to expertly clean any tile floor and grout surface including: natural stone, travertine, brick, concrete, and stucco. We can do it all – vertical or horizontal.

Tile Floor CleaningVinyl Tile Stripping, Sealing and Waxing

Although vinyl floors can be extremely durable, they need proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. Without it, vinyl floors lose their shine, develop wax buildup, yellow discoloration, scratches and abrasions. An unmaintained vinyl floor is a magnet for attracting dirt. The White Glove Cleaning – Janitorial provides stripping, sealing and waxing to restore the look of your floor in your home or business. To keep your floors looking mirror bright, we can provide regular maintenance which includes high speed buffing and periodic scrubbing and re-coating.

Commercial and Residential Services Available.